Love in Peru

Candela Wedding

Casa Hacienda Los Ficus

I met Jordan and Edwin while volunteering for the same non-profit, Krochet Kids International, in Lima, Peru in 2015. Their’s is a story of patience, romance, and commitment

Jordan, who hails from Nashville, TN, had volunteered for Krochet Kids in 2014 and had returned to Peru for a full-time 2 year contract as a production developer. It was there that she met Edwin, the kind and cheerful handyman who kept the place running, who was born and raised in Lima.

The pair began dating in 2016 after a long period of friendship and were engaged a year later. When Jordan asked me to return to Peru to shoot the wedding, I didn’t hesitate at the chance. With my rusty Spanish skills, I packed my gear and flew to Lima for a long-awaited volunteer reunion.

Everything about the wedding day was straight from a golden hour daydream. The venue overflowed with sprawling flowers that topped roofs, fences, and pergolas and the lawns were kept immaculate within the borders of the ranch.

The ceremony took place in the large path along a grove of trees that shaded guests from the bright setting sun. In the background, horses slowly grazed through their pastures and floating specs of dust moved hazily. Flower girls, the bride’s baby sister included, dropped fresh rose petals along the path and ushered in the large bridal party, a beautiful mixture of Peruvian and American faces.

The ceremony was first spoken in Spanish then translated for the few English speakers who had made the 3,000 mile flight to Lima. Songs were sung, communion was had, and a the trinity knot was tied. At the end, their covenant vows had been sealed with a kiss.

Wrangling a bridal party of 14 bridesmaids, 11 groomsmen, 2 flower girls, 1 ring bearer, and each of their families for group photos proved a hilarious challenge when most everyone spoke Spanish far better than I could. We managed. I stole the couple away for 20 minutes as the sun was truly sinking, casting everything into a warm rosy glow - these are my favorite images we took that day.

By evening, darkness had overtaken and we moved to the covered pergola that was swathed in long white linens, flowers, and glowing lights. Tall buffet tables overflowed with appetizers and desserts. The dance floor stayed busy and crammed (as is Peruvian tradition for just about every occasion) and the couple shared their first dance as husband and wife.

Hannah Schwob