Santiago Wedding

Santiago Wedding

The Stone Trough

I arrived in Salem, Ohio on a hot and sunny May day and was struck by a picturesque farm that was recently converted into a wedding venue. Everyone was arriving for the rehearsal outside, the wedding party and the extended family of the bride and groom. Squinting into the blazing afternoon sun, the happy couple was walked through the events of the ceremony by their longtime pastor, a veteran of these kind of events.

Megan had been a close friend of mine after our half-year adventure through Peru, you can’t help but share a tight connection after living, working, and traveling together for all that time. She and her fiance Dion had met as coworkers after we returned stateside - they became friends, and fell in love shortly afterwards.

Megan is bright and charming, a true people-person who can make anyone feel as though they’ve been friends for years. Dion is passionate and imaginative, he has a big heart that mirrors the heart of Megan, which is why I loved documenting this union.

After the rehearsal dinner, I asked Megan and Dion to hop in the car and return to the venue for a few shots in the field at golden hour - the best decision in retrospect. A scene straight out of a romantic film, the two were effervescent in their expectation for the next day.

The wedding morning brought cloudy skies and threats of rain. While we did our best to dodge the occasional storms during the afternoon, it was clear we’d have to move the ceremony inside the barn - much to Megan’s dismay. The bridal party hustled to convert the reception space into a ceremony-ready location and the results were beautiful - romantic and intimate.

Hannah Schwob