David Yurman



Full Website Refresh

The project was brought to Splashlight Studios in early 2018 to assist the David Yurman e-commerce team with a full website redesign including updated and elevated imagery for every piece in their inventory. With over 2,500 SKUs to shoot over the course of 3 months, we doubled up our team to accommodate six setups running each day. Even after everything was shot, another 2 months were required to complete all post-production for the project before launching on the new website in September 2018.

Total Images Shot: 6,205
Shoot Days: 72


Deviating from the traditional e-commerce approach, men’s products were photographed on black to add a heightened level of drama and luxury. Against the dark background, the metals and stones stand out.

Careful thought went into the new styling, angles, views, and post-production for each piece; it was a labor intensive process of compositing anywhere from 5 to 20 captures per item to bring out the quality of each gemstone, facet, and cable.




Creative Director: Gabriel Eid
Art Director: Erin Harney
Director of Production: Lyndsay Nevins
Jr Producer: Cortney Watson
Production Coordinator: Hannah Schwob
Director of Retouching: Rob DiCaterino
Senior Retouchers: Kelly Nuti & Scott Mabe
Merchandise Coordinator: Dana Tremmel

Photographers: Nao Fujishiro, Adam Savitch, Ryan Jenq, Jay Romero, Scott Meadows, Corey Maywalt, Stuart Tyson, Will Styer, George Underwood, David Filiberti, Philip Friedman

Stylists: Rachel Blackwell, Devin Schexnayder, Kathleen Jerry, Laura Woolf, Shakira Hodges, Anita Solerno, Gabriel Rivera, Andrew Madrid